Both the United States and Canada have a common history. To be precise, these countries have a quite amazing economy. Consequently, it has attracted a lot of immigrants. However, there has been a trend of American citizens moving to Canada for various reasons. While some move to Canada to study, others move to pursue economic opportunities. Do you wish to understand how to move to Canada from America? Well, that is basically what we shall discuss in this article.

Essentially, there are two options available for an American citizen wishing to move to Canada;

  • Temporary residence options
  • Full range of immigration options

Temporary Residence in Canada

Work in Canada

Work in Canada- as an American citizen wishing to move to Canada, you will need to secure a Canadian work visa so that you can legally work there.

SWAP Working Holidays

SWAP Working Holidays- this was initially called Student Work Abroad Programs. This program allows American citizens of ages ranging from 18 to 30 to move to Canada and thereafter get an open 12 months work permit. However, you should have been recruited in full-time post-secondary learning at some point in the preceding twelve months.


NAFTA- This denotes the North American Free Trade Agreement. With this agreement, an American citizen may be fit for facilitated processing as they apply for a temporary Work Permit in Canada

Intra-Company Transfer

Intra-Company Transfer- due to the favorable trade partnership between the two countries, Intra- company Transfer Program enables key employees from America to move to Canada even without a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In some instances, some American citizens may move to Canada with their families and serve as intra-company transferees.

Work Without a Work Permit

Work Without a Work Permit- sometimes, the United States citizens may work in Canada without a Temporary Work Permit. Such citizens may include those engaging in trade or business activities in Canada without getting into the Canadian labor market.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada- the United States students can work while studying in Canada hence supplementing their earnings while gaining requisite work experience. Besides, this is also a chance to develop a professional career as a U.S student and permanently immigrate to Canada.

Permanent Immigration to Canada

Express Entry

Express Entry- through the Express Entry, an American citizen has a great chance of an invitation to apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs – moving from America to Canada as an American citizen can be easy through these programs if you know the province you need to move to. Again, if you have a particular skill set and work experience that particular province is looking for.

Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship

Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship – this is one way of moving to Canada in which it is facilitated by the Canadian government idea of family sponsorship or family reunification. Interestingly, the Canadian government acknowledges the same-sex union giving the chances to mates of the same sex to reunite in Canada.

Business Immigration to Canada

Business Immigration to Canada – because of Canada’s economic state and nature that is related to America’s, a United State’s citizen can have a great opportunity for entrepreneurship and investment. This is further facilitated by the Business Class immigration programs by the Canada government to draw people that have a notable ability to add to the Canadian economy.


If you have been looking for how to move to Canada from America, then these are the options you need to consider. Nevertheless, there are other concerns you may want to remember while moving to make your immigration great. These include tax consequences, health care, citizenship, employment in Canada, taking your family to Canada, settlement in Canada, medical and criminal Inadmissibility